Rock N Roll Half Marathon 2017
Rock N Roll Half Marathon 2017

Rock N Roll Half Marathon 2017 Review

After a year, I still enjoyed running and work was still chipping in to the Rock N Roll Marathon. My group of running friends were also still putting up with my slowness, so another RNR Half was in the books. The race happened right around the October 1 shooting in 2017, which had a profound impact on so many Las Vegas runners.

Training for Rock and Roll Marathon Las Vegas – Half

I was running regularly in 2016 until April, when I had a minor injury. I wound up taking 3 months off, and started running again in July, starting training in August. My husband suggested doing a 40-mile bike race, so I ran a modified Higdon Novice 2 plan. My schedule was alternating bike rides and runs, with a rest day on Friday and long runs/rides on the weekend. I added the ASICS speed training modules from Runkeeper to my shorter runs in the beginning just to get back into running, and they actually helped improve my overall time. The only adjustment I would make for the next round is to extend the shorter runs as the training goes on. I was doing PB 5Ks the last few weeks of training, so my body was like, “ok, time to stop!” after 3 miles on longer runs.

Running the Rock and Roll Marathon Las Vegas in 2017

Due to the October 1 shooting, RnR had moved the concert to Saturday, which I skipped. Got to the event site right on time for my faster friends to get to their corrals. Dropped some stuff off in the bag check, stretched, got to my corral – yellow #1 (the fastest of the slow!). So I avoided the long trudge to the course, and started with a few fewer walkers to avoid. Much better starting position.

Miles 0 to 5

The race was changed from last year, starting further north on Las Vegas Blvd (The Strip), from NYNY to the Welcome To Las Vegas sign. This was an improvement to last year, as it meant more time on the Strip and less time in residential Downtown LV. Nothing against Downtown, but much easier to run with the Strip’s lights than through shady streets.

Weather was just fine. No rain, no humidity, chillier than last year.

I think there were fewer runners this year, and there were definitely fewer spectators. The mood was not as celebratory as last year, that’s for sure.

Didn’t get a last-minute pee before the race start, so was forced to use the first set of portas. Really ticked at myself for that one. Had a little cry going past the shooing site. Billboards were still up for the festival, and it made my heart drop. I wasn’t there but knew people who were – they are fine.

Otherwise, felt really good about pace and knees, although I had a twinge on my left knee on my last training run before the race.

Miles 5 to 10

I changed up my nutrition a little, starting with 2 electrolyte pills just before the race, and then another 2 an hour in. Also took 2 shot blocks at 1 hour, another 2 at 2 hours. Slowed my pace to find the damn blocks in mile 5-6, restroom stop in mile 6-7.

Miles 10 to 13.1

Was trying to keep a sub-12 pace, so kept checking my watch to ensure. So hard to stay motivated in this stretch, but felt much better than last year. Checked the watch at mile 12, still under 2:40. I thought I could hit my goal of 2:45, but I’ve never run a 6-minute mile in my life, so I had to settle on maintaining my pace.


Exiting the race was not as complicated as last year, or maybe I just knew what was going to happen and was better prepared.

I finally get to the end of the exit corral, pick up my bag and pull on my sweater, and head to work-sponsored drinks and dinner. One Nutella shake with some fries, and off home. Another day of running in Las Vegas without injury!

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