High Roller, the end of the Las Vegas Hot Chocolate Run

Vegas Outside Team

Fearless Leader

In 2016, the company I was working for didn’t give out bonuses or raises, but they did offer to pay for entry into the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half Marathon. Not the 5k, not the full marathon, just the half. I wasn’t a runner then, but I figured I better take what I can get.

I saved about $150 on entry fees. I spent about $150 on new running shoes. 

But more than just thumbing my nose at the company, I deepened connections with co-workers and developed friendships with runners outside of the workplace. 

I’ve used running to get out to new places, like Antelope Canyon, and explore areas in town from a new perspective.

A reddit post got me to thinking about Vegas as a running destination, and where tourists could and should run. That post was the seed for this site. Now you can enjoy my good route-building skills and poor selfie skills.

Captain Safety

Captain Safety has been an outdoorsman since he was knee high to a grasshopper. Raised in rural California and Washington State, he grew up bow hunting.

As an adult, he now shoots paper targets with the bow and animals with a camera. An avid cyclist, hiker, and rock climber, the Captain always double-checks his knots and his helmet. 

After seeing how fun our Fearless Leader had at the marathon, he decided to get into cycling gran fondos. Together, we’ve cycled in Mexico and three different states in the US.

Captain Safety bikes in Zion during the pandemic

Our Mission

We want to make Vegas famous not for the casinos but for the outdoor recreation opportunities it presents. Vegas is a day’s drive from at least 8 National Parks, a host of other protected areas, and has great weather 75% of the year. It’s the perfect place to run, bike, hike, camp, and climb.

But Vegas isn’t just for tourists. Locals also want to know where to run or bike. Where is it safe, convenient, and fun to be outside? We aim to answer those questions as well.

Southwest Vegas Running Route - Exploration Peak
Running in Las Vegas suburbs is less stressful than on the Strip

What We Stand For


We advocate for infrastructure that supports outdoor recreation, from bike lanes to trailbuilding.


We actively maintain stewardship of our outdoor areas through individual plogging & community events.


Safety and access go hand-in-hand. Runners and cyclists have the right to use infrastructre as much as vehicles.


Outdoor recreation should be fun! Whether that’s a solo jog or a pacy group bike ride, we want to have a good time.

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