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Las Vegas Cycling

Las Vegas has nine months of bicycling-friendly weather, beautiful natural areas, and a growing push for bike-friendly infrastructure. While Las Vegas still has work to do to become a truly bike-friendly city, we’re on our way. Here, we’ll give you an overview of cycling in Las Vegas, including the how, where, and when to enjoy cycling in Sin City.

Las Vegas Bike Tours

There are plenty of options for tourists to enjoy Las Vegas on two wheels. The most popular option is electric bike tours to Red Rock Conservation Area. There are a variety of tour operators that provide self-guided tours that allow you to go at your own pace, along with guided tours. An e-bike is a great option for folks who want a leisurely ride and stunning views, mastering the Scenic Loop regardless of their fitness level. 

For those who love performance, Las Vegas road bike tours are a winner. Tour providers like Escape Adventures provide the bike and transportation out from the Strip to nature. The most popular route for road is in the west, from the town of Blue Diamond to Red Rock Canyon, through the canyon, and back. 

Finally, mountain bike tours are available for thrill-seekers. You’ll usually be taken to Bootleg Canyon near Boulder City, although some tours may head to Mt Charleston. Either way, mountain bikers have a variety of different routes at either trailhead.

As locals, we don’t take bike tours, so we don’t have a recommendation for bike tour company at this time.

Cycling in Las Vegas – Where to Road Bike in Las Vegas

Most of the road biking in Las Vegas is on the edges of the metro area, outside of the official City of Las Vegas boundaries. Honestly, that’s not saying much, as the city officially starts at Sahara Blvd and doesn’t include the Strip, where most of the economic activity happens. The developed areas have so much traffic that riding isn’t always enjoyable, which means we’ll look at the following areas:

  • The Strip
  • Downtown
  • West/Summerlin/Centennial
  • East/Henderson/Boulder City

Biking The Las Vegas Strip

Most visitors stay on the Las Vegas Strip, from Mandalay Bay to the Sahara. Honestly, biking the Strip isn’t usually feasible. There’s too much traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, for an enjoyable bike experience. But there are some conditions where a cruise up and down the Las Vegas Strip may be possible. Read more to get the details from a local. 

Photo by Sung Shin on Unsplash
Cycling Downtown Las Vegas can be challenging

Downtown Las Vegas Cycling

Downtown Las Vegas, or  “Old Las Vegas,” is the actual City of Las Vegas. Downtown can be a challenge for cyclists, including narrow streets, short blocks with lots of stops, and a massive pedestrian zone. On the other hand, Downtown has bike lanes on some streets! Also, there’s a thriving community of bike owners Downtown that often do roll outs. If you’re looking for speed, it’s not the right place, but blinking lights and critical mass – that’s the ticket! Read on to get the nitty gritty.


Our most detailed Las Vegas cycling routes are in the west, as that’s where we’re based. Cycling routes on the west side of town will include Red Rock Canyon, Neon-to-Nature Trail, routes along 160/Blue Diamond road, and more. The new developments on the west side, like The Cliffs and the Mesas, have bike lanes built in, making getting north and south easier, safer, and scenic. Recent bike lanes on Ft Apache also help complete the connection from Red Rock to Blue Diamond Road. Biking in Summerlin and southwest Las Vegas just keeps getting better. 

Southwest Las Vegas has great running routes
A view of Lake Mead from the River Mountain Loop Trail

East/Henderson/Boulder City

The Las Vegas suburb of Henderson covers the southeast side of Las Vegas, from approximately Eastern and Sunset out to Lake Las Vegas. Out past the end of Henderson, there’s Boulder City. Some of the trail systems in this area include River Mountain Loop Trail, Wetlands Park Trail, and the UPRR Trail. Henderson has a high amount of mixed-use paths separate from the roads, making biking safer and more convenient. A little north of Henderson itself is the Lower Vegas Wash Trail, which runs up the east/northeast area of town past Craig Ranch Park, almost hitting Tule Springs State Park. The east side of town may get some flack, but there’s some interesting biking options there.

Las Vegas Bike Events

Las Vegas hosts a variety of biking events, including the Tour de Summerlin and, more recently, L’Etape Las Vegas, organized by the Tour de France. Read this article for cycling events in Southern Nevada and neighboring areas.

Las Vegas hosts big cycling events and gran fondos

Weather Conditions

Las Vegas is in a desert at about 2,500′ altitude. It’s a pretty unique experience to bike in this climate, so most cyclists should consider what impact temperature, humidity (or lack thereof) and altitude will have on their performance. Be prepared for a slower average pace. Hydration is absolutely critical, so consider your hydration plan and how you’ll carry your water. The best time to bike is early mornings, especially as spring turns towards summer. In fall and winter, the early start isn’t quite as important.

The Future of Biking in Las Vegas

I’ve been in Las Vegas for more than 10 years and biking it for 4. I’ve seen the improvements in the biking infrastructure, from the RTC’s bike shop and storage downtown, to the expansion of bike lanes on the west side and a new mountain bike park at Ft Apache and Warm Springs. The focus has been on Las Vegas cycling was recreation. I’d love to see that focus shift to commuting, building east-west connections for cyclists from Red Rock, Mountain’s Edge, or Henderson to the Strip. Even without that connection, there’s miles of bike trails available in town. Let’s explore them together, through VegasOutside.

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