James Regional Sports Park Running Route

James Regional Sports Center – Las Vegas Running Route

James Regional Sports Center was opened in 2018 off Durango and Robindale. This newer facility is primarily soccer fields, with a children’s playground on the east side. The paths in the park are wide, enough for a car to pass to easily load and unload equipment and teams. There’s a large strip mall to the north, a self-storage facility to the west, and empty lots to the south.

The park is half a mile east-west by a quarter mile north-south. It’s got water fountains and a bathroom with doors near the playground, and a asphalt walking path on each north-south edge.

It’s not my favorite place to run in Las Vegas, but it gets the job done. All the soccer fields are fenced off with thick black bars, so you don’t have a good view of the fields. It can feel a little like a prison as you’re running by.

5K Walking or Running Routes from James Regional Sports Center

1.5-mile loop:

Start at either parking lot. Run the perimeter of the park twice. Easy!

If you want to switch things up, you can snake from side to side.

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